Bill Clinton rallies for Hillary in NV, talks about health

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s health issues have been talked about recently as both camps have been pressured to release the candidates’ detailed medical records. Bill Clinton, who was in Nevada recently to campaign for his wife says she’s doing okay. But his statements could have caused more political headache for the Clinton camp.


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  • Mario
    17 September 2016 at 2:07 am - Reply

    DNC panicking,in melt down mode,Secret Service leaked her health, she is gravely ill, might not make it on the debate.. During the foreign policy interview, together with TRUMP, Hillary is wearing an earpiece, meaning someone feeding her the answers,is there something is wrong with her ears or her brain? ..She collapse during the 911 event,the media could not hide and argue with the video anymore. ..Former DNC Chairman Donald Fowler calls for contingency plan, urge for a back-up plan. Rules allow DNC to name a replacement candidate, it could be done against her will. DNC betrayal culture on the move, are we going to see MICHELLE OBAMA for President, listened her speeches during Hillary campaign rally ,its all about herself.If Barack Obama, feels Michelle has no change to beat Trump, Obama will declare martial law and become the POTUS forever.