Biggest union of nurses in America endorses Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid

SACRAMENTO, CA — In a Filipino American community gathering in Sacramento, the National Nurses United (NNU) celebrated the Carlos Bulosan center at the University of California Davis.

Filipina American NNU president Zenei Cortez said Bulosan, the acclaimed author of America is In The Heart, believed in America despite witnessing and being a victim of discrimination and unfair labor practices in the early 1930s.

NNU, the largest registered nurses union in the country, are more encouraged to raise their voices in the political scene.

Just like they did in 2016, they are once again supporting Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid, because they believe he is the candidate who will fight for the rights of immigrants and the disadvantaged.

“We believe that Bernie Sanders is the only candidate that is there for Medicare for All. Medicare for all is the only solution to the broken health care system that we have here in this country. As bedside nurses we believe that health care is a right a human right. And everybody who deserves care needs to be taken care of,” said Cortez.

Cortez added that Sanders’ platform aligns with nurses’ values which include restoring worker’s rights, and fixing the immigration system.

“We believe that he would be the best person to advocate for immigrants, for the less fortunate and for the underserved. He is one of us and He will be the only candidate that would be there fighting for the rights of the common people.”

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