Big opportunities await Fil-Canadian Master Chef finalist

By Rowena Papasin, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

June 22, 2016

LANGLEY, British Columbia – Matthew Astorga was in the Top 3 of Master Chef Canada Season Three.  His thirteen-week run on the show has made the fedora-wearing Astorga a fan favorite.

He said, “MasterChef Canada is not for the fainthearted. There’s so much challenges and almost impossible challenges that go on but once you are in the kitchen, you are filled with adrenalin.”

Although he failed to make it to the finals, the show has opened doors for Astorga.  Season 2 Champ David Jorge, who is also from BC, has invited Astorga to join the Joseph Richard Group of Restaurants.

Jorge related, “I’mhoping to work with Matthew.We’re gonna continue to open up the S+L brand to— we’ll have two other S+L’s in the future, one in Abbotsford and one in South Surrey, so we’re going to continue to open up the S+L brand and just be creative with cooking.”

“I’ve quit my business and I’ve actually started a position at the Joseph Richard Group as a Corporate Chef so I’ll be doing the menu development for Sudo with David,” stated Astorga.

Astorga started cooking when he was just four years old when he would make an omelette for his sister.  He had no real training and only indulged his interest by buying cookbooks and practicing at home.  It took him three tries before finally making it as a contestant on the show.  He said, “Being on a TV show, it’s hard, it’s not just about cooking, it’s being able to present yourself well. It’s being able to know what you’re bringing to the table.”

Astorga admitted that competing on Master Chef Canada was a pressure cooker.  After all, their survival depended on the flawless execution of complicated recipes in just 60 minutes.  And although he didn’t get to wear the chef’s jacket that he aspired for, Astorga is grateful for the experience and exposure that the show has given him.  He explained, “The journey has been amazing,. Master Chef Canada has been a dream come true, with every single challenge, you know, it’s like there’s so much fun living through those challenges as stressful as they are.”

Their new restaurant, Sudo-Asian Kitchen, is expected to open in the fall.



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