Beefing up security for Trump inauguration day

by Don Tagala, ABS-CBN News


WASHINGTON DC —  The nation’s capital is getting jazzed up in red, white and blue, ready to welcome the soon-to-be President Donald Trump on Inauguration Day.

“From the day he said he will run for president, I knew I would support him,” said Dianne Morrison Wilson, Trump campaign manager in Eugene, Oregon.

At the Capitol, the stage is set for Trump’s oath-taking as the 45th president of the United States.

Some Filipino American Republicans for Trump, from different parts of the nation, are coming together in DC to witness this historic transfer of power.

Among 900,000 people expected to gather in DC on Friday, Jan. 20 for the inauguration and other festivities — including several anti-Trump protests.

But even without any known specific and credible threats to the inauguration proceedings, security will be air tight.

About 28,000 security personnel, from Secret Service to US Capitol police, will be deployed all over the city.

Barricades are up and road closures have begun also begun as part of security measures.

There are only six entry points to the inauguration grounds.

Authorities say there is one primary focus — the “lone wolf,” the “violent and self-radicalized” type of terrorist that has been seen in Germany and in France.

Their solution is to use dump trucks and other heavy vehicles, such as busses, to block off entry points and protect the crowd during the proceedings.

From barricades to manpower, and other security apparatus — the final tab for securing 100 square blocks of Washington DC on Inauguration Day is expected to cost more than a hundred million dollars.

Inauguration attendees are encouraged not to bring banned items listed online. Firearms, fireworks, balloons and even selfie sticks, are prohibited.


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