Philippine Saringhimig Singers perform for audiences worldwide

SAN FRANCISCO — The voices of the Philippine Saringhimig Singers fill Mission Dolores Basilica.

The San Francisco Bay Area-based choir, under the direction of George Hernandez, has established a world-renowned reputation through various performances and competitions since 1974.

“45 years of Sarinhimig, 45 years with George Hernandez is truly a gift,” said Jeffrey Burgos. “So putting this concert together is very special to the members and so we appreciate this opportunity to share our music with the people.”

Saringhiming roots began as a student choir started by Hernandez while studying at the University of the Philippines.

After years performing around Europe — the group was revived in the Bay Area.

A renowned musician himself, Hernandez is a published choral arranger which are sung by choirs around the world.

“For me, it’s my life. And I love sharing all the beautiful music. It’s part of our ministry of Sarinhimig to sing from the heart.”

After 45 years of performances, Saringhiming continues to please audiences everywhere they perform.

“Wow. I call them a hidden treasure, really, hidden treasures. This is my first time to listen to them,” said Con Gen Henry Bensurto. “What can I say? This group makes all of us Filipinos so proud.”

The group will be heading to Spain this month.

There they will be representing the U.S. and the Philippines in the International Habaneras and Polyphony competition of Torrevieja, Spain.

Saringhiming is one of the 12 chosen competing choirs from around the world.

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