Bay Area public school offers free music program amid nationwide budget cuts

DALY CITY, Calif. – “Music Team” is a free multi-year after-school program for music education and performance for the children of Woodrow Elementary in Daly City, California.

Seth Mausner, former member of the San Francisco Symphony founded the program three years ago.

Along with the teachers, staff and advisors, Mausner provides six hours of music instruction per child, three days a week. The children receive classes on violin, cello, chorus, and percussion.

“This is a focused program where we think they will develop a sense of master and skill that could really help them the rest of their lives,” said Mausner.

Mausner and the rest of the staff believe that children should not let money stop them from receiving the benefits of music education.

Through Music Team, the staff found that after one year in the program, students on average scored five percent higher in reading and ten percent higher in math compared to students not participating in music education.

“We’re trying to provide an affluent benefit which includes not only learning music, but all the social and intellectual benefits that can come from this type of training,” said Mausner.

Parents see how Music Team positively affects their children.

“Just seeing my son, basically watching the kids, it’s fun to watch,” said Leo Resplandor, one of the parents. “It’s something I wish I had when I was a child.”

“I feel very proud because my grandson now can play lovely music in this school,” said Felicisima Somera.

“Hopefully the school will continue this, because it really provides a lot of enthusiasm to a lot of the children who cannot afford to get private tutoring in music,” said Imelda Tongol, a grandparent enrolled in Music Team.

Music Team has a long term commitment to its students even after they leave Woodrow Elementary. They continue to provide free music lessons to its students as they enter middle school and high school.

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