Bay Area officials: Worst of the storm is over but we must stay vigilant

By Paul Henson, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

Daly City, Calif. – Downed trees, puddles, drains working overtime, and sandbags still laid out in the streets.

These were some of the scenes in the aftermath of the storm that hit the San Francisco Bay Area.

Daly City Mayor Ray Buenaventura described the flood at the height of the storm.

“This is the lowest part of Daly City, the Doelger Center,” said Mayor Buenaventura. “This was spewing water seven feet high and there was flooding but now it seems OK.”

He says kababayans were generally safe apart from being worried about water seeping into their homes.

“There have been some people calling around concerned about the flood but it’s not critical, and we’re keeping an eye on things to make sure everybody is OK,” said the Daly City mayor.

This Pinoy Daly City resident says his family stocked up on supplies prior to the storm. He says the brief power outages, traffic and slipper roads were just minor inconveniences.

“Bahira mangyari ang ganitong ulan,” said Lor Campo, a Daly City resident. “Usually ambon lang, pero awa ng diyos walang nangyari sa bahay ko, walang nangyari sa pamilya ko.”

Daly City Councilman David Canepa says residents cooperated and monitored events via social media saying, “Our residents have responded well in this significant storm.”

He reminds residents to stay on alert until the weekend.

“Since we just came from a drought, the soil is now saturated with water which might lead to potential landslides,” said Canepa.

For now, people are thankful that the worst of this storm of the decade in the Bay Area seems to be over.

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