Bay Area officials attempt to limit gun and ammunition sales

DALY CITY — Fil-Am Mayor Juslyn Manalo’s gun buyback event at city hall took 230 guns off the street.

Soon after the gun buyback, Manalo appeared with other elected officials and community leaders — to announce Senate bill 221 — which is a new effort to ban gun and ammunition sales at the Cow Palace, a venue located in Daly City.

The Cow Palace holds gun shows a few times every year.

Manalo believes that by ending these gun shows — more lives will be saved.

These elected officials say they are not against the second amendment — however, they say they are doing what is right to ensure the safety of the citizens they represent.

“I guess the question can be turned around. What do we do about irresponsible gun owners? What do we do about the people who go to these gun shows purchase these guns and then sell them on the black market?”

“The students of Jefferson High School and Westmoor have spoken and said that they don’t want to see gun shows around their community and the student voice is so important because our students shouldn’t have to fear to go to school but feel safe.”

If the law is passed; it would go into effect January 1st, 2020.

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