Bay Area instructor offers free virtual capoeira classes to students

DALY CITY, CA — The Afro-Brazilian martial art known as capoeira is famous for its movements and acrobatics.

Like all gyms in California, Capoeira Batuque Daly City had to close its doors amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Filipino American Marco Morales — who runs the program — did not let the closure of his studio mean the end to his students’ learning.

He continues to teach them for free online via Zoom.

“So the classes has been developed to just really highlight what they have and use their obstacles to their advantage. I feel like when taking a chair or the corner of your bed, for instance, like I have a lot of them just using that to help them be upside down a little bit longer, just a little bit better. And until they can train without it.”

Capoeira is famous for the live, vibrant music that is played throughout the session — which Morales still incorporates as he adapts to technology.

“It’s been opening up my mind to that, the challenge of teaching on zoom and muting everybody. Learning these tools is crazy. So I can imagine that people will be more inspired because now that information has to be more clear than ever.”

Morales has currently waived fees for his students, but admitted that he will eventually run into the problem of keeping his business afloat.

“Now seeing that it’s possible that this is gonna go on for a long time. I’m just trying to think ahead, but yes, definitely it hit me but you know, the government grants that have been out there. So far I signed up for that, but I haven’t really heard anything from that. So yeah, I think definitely I’m hitting that zone of panic, but, you know, trying to stay cool and calm and finding the little blessings that I have to recognize in this situation where I can help people just to stay at home and not be bored and maybe improve someone’s quality of life just by being in the room. So those little things, I think, is worth it for now.”

To join a free session, log onto CAPOEIRADALYCITY.COM.

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