Bay Area Filipino community holds prayer vigil for shooting victims

BAY AREA — A Filipino parish priest and his church organized a vigil Monday night to remember the victims of the recent Gilroy, El Paso and Dayton mass shootings.

“We cry out how long oh Lord, will people betray us with hatred and discrimination against their brothers.”

The event, led by Father Geoffrey Baraan, was attended by about 150 parishioners of St. Joseph church and members of the Pinole community.

Candles were lit and a gong was sounded for each of the shooting victims.

They said these rising cases of gun violence are not only disturbing and alarming — but their way of lives are forever changed.

Some of them said they’re hesitant to go to public places, even to church.

They’re calling for immediate change.

“We want to tell our politicians that they can’t continue, that they have to hear our voices. It has to stop. It has to end,” said Fr Geoffrey. “Our voices need to be louder, so we can silence the sound of guns.”

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