Bay Area basketball recruit reflects on professional PBA career

DALY CITY, CA — Simon Enciso was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, and like many young Filipino Americans who grew up watching NBA legends Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, basketball became a passion.

Enciso developed his game on many courts just like this one.

And after years of hard work that comes with constant practice and competition — Enciso’s dream of playing professional basketball became a reality.

“It’s something you always dreamt about as a little kid playing in front of thousands of people, playing in those crucial moments when the game’s on the line, you got to take the last shot, and stuff like that. It’s really fun.”

Enciso left the only home he has ever known in the U.S. and took a one way trip to the Philippines after he was drafted into the Philippine Basketball Association in 2015.

He admitted that living back in the’ homeland was tough at first because he neither knew the language nor had any friends at first.

Enciso said that whenever it got tough — he would think of his family – and that pushed him to do extra workouts and play harder in games.

“They’re my biggest fans, my biggest critics, my motivation, and my idols. So I try to use that everytime I’m back in the Philippines and I get homesick. My parents wouldn’t quit so I’m not going to quit.”

Enciso currently plays for TNT Katropa, his fourth team in five years.

Enciso said he is grateful — not only because he gets to play in front of fellow Filipinos, but to also learn from PBA greats.

Enciso hopes to have a career in the PBA that spans over a decade with multiple championships.

As far as individual accolades, Enciso said those will naturally come if he is focused on the ultimate goal — raising the championship trophy with his teammates.

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