Baltimore Pinoys agree curfews worked

BALTIMORE, M.D. – It was a quiet night in Baltimore Tuesday night – a far cry from Monday night’s riots that left six police officers seriously injured, cars and buildings burned, and businesses looted.

Thanks to about 2,000 National Guardsmen and more than a thousand police officers from Maryland and out of state.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts said, “I get reports from the organization that we do not have a lot of activity or movement throughout the city as a whole. So the curfew is, in fact, working as the mayor had called.”

Some protesters initially refused to disperse that resulted in some minor clashes.

About 10 people were arrested by midnight, mostly for breaking the curfew.

“May 10 p.m. curfew, right now. 10:30, may mga tao pa rin, parang pino-provoke nila yung police na hulihin sila or something,” Baltimore County resident Peter Calleja said. “Pero kasi wala naman talagang mga… sabi ko nga sa ‘yo kanina, 98 percent ng mga Filipinos nasa suburb nakatira sa counties. So walang masyadong nakatira downtown sa area’ng yun. Sa work lang.”

For Filipino teachers who work in the inner city, Wednesday means it’s back to school for them and their students.

Alona Nunes says she wants to make Monday night’s riot a teachable moment in her classroom.

“Baltimore Gov. Larry Hogan made a wonderful point: People have the right to protest, but you don’t have the right to destroy properties or lives,” she said. “I think the more powerful thing to communicate to the students is the sense of accountability and responsibility.”

But some Filipino activists in New York who are demanding justice for Freddie Gray — the 25-year-old who was arrested and died while in police custody in Baltimore — say rioting and looting is part of the protest process.

Jackie Mariano of New York Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines (NYCHRP) said, “Whether people choose to take peaceful means or to take more violent means to bring attention to what’s going on with them, it’s rooted from the same place and that is centuries of government neglect.”

But for the most part, the people of Baltimore say they had enough – even one of Baltimore’s biggest sports stars.

Former football player, Ray Lewis said, “Violence is not the answer! Violence have never been the answer!”

Rica Aldecoa Liu, Loyola University Maryland’s assitant director said, “It seems like the community, the city has stepped up to try and right the path.”

The riots are gone, but protesters in Baltimore say, the voices of non violent protest demanding justice for Freddie Gray will continue.

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  • alex
    29 April 2015 at 8:39 pm - Reply

    Jackie Mariano and her kind just shows their ignorance and stupidity in how to send their message through and gain sympathy for their cause.

  • noz
    29 April 2015 at 10:29 pm - Reply

    what a mess, these criminals successfully transforming baltimore into a war torn, third world intolerable dump. ghetto is bearable compared to the ravage, only animals are capable of doing.

    leak to washington post of gray’s injury was self imposed, had prior history of physical injury, documented / was comp by an insurance company, an inmate with him in the van in testimony – he only heard gray was banging his own body, confined in the holding van, while being transported. are these the reasons why the release took so long, as to the caused of his death?, requiring strict forensic testings, to rule out questionable results do take lots of time, given his long rap sheets / his brushed with the law as a thug, he was known offender in the area. thorough investigations, using the much advanced science in forensic will unravel the truth / nothing but the truth. the police officers caused his death deserve to be punished, once forensics prove so. the question is what if differently?, will the blacks of america accept the scientific forensic findings?, i don’t think so, as evidenced by the black community of ferguson, up to this day kept on non stop reacting / screaming, of “HANDS UP, DON’T SHOOT”, have become a lost cause / overly stale to all reasonable thinking populous.