Balisong enthusiasts flipping their way to fame

It’s like a giant fidget spinner, juggling act, and dance all rolled into one — that’s the vibe of these kids who call themselves balisong flippers.

The popularity of the butterfly knife may be on the decline in the Philippines where it originated, but it is on the rise in the U.S.

Some brands are now making hip and modern designs that are appealing to the younger market and even make trainers without sharp blades to make it easier to flip and do tricks.

Instagram as well has been the hub of growth and camaraderie of the flippers.

In the middle of an Asian martial arts event in Los Angeles was the 2019 version of Balifornia — a balisong flipping competition.

The founder, Paul Factora, said he’s simply amazed with how the sport of balisong flipping has quickly evolved in recent years.

Kids as young as 11 years old are now majorly competitive in the sport, it’s attracting Americans – and especially Filipino Americans to the sport.

Factora sais he is struggling to find the funds to finish the documentary and now he’s turning to the community for help.

“We are currently seeking funding to complete our film. I shot about 240 hours of footage just on my own…We might do another crowdfunding project so so please keep an eye on that.”

As he gears up for more balisong events in California, Factora and some friends are also organizing a trip home to Batangas called Cultura ng Balisong.

They invite anybody interested to see where it all began and learn about the craft and culture of the original balisong.


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