“Baile Filipinas” showcases traditional folk art, music, and dance

DALY CITY, CA — “Baile Filipinas” was the title of what hopes to be the first of many annual events, promoting Filipino folk art, music, and dance in Daly City.

In this all day, free event, local cultural dance groups in the Bay Area were given the opportunity to showcase the many dances of the Philippines.

“I cannot believe this is going to be a great event. You see all the dancers their just like waiters… sharing their talents, sharing the different ethnic dances and I can’t believe it’s a big turnout,” said Joey Camins.

Filipinos who immigrated to the United States remember these dances from learning them in school.

According to the dance directors of these different Bay Area companies, it is now their responsibility to educate these new generations of Filipinos who are born and raised in the US.

“Especially in a very rapidly modernizing world that we live in here in the States, it’s important that we have this dialogue to promote culture, to preserve it, and to further educate to really enforce our identities as Filipinos in America,” said Jae Tioseco of Barangay Dance Company SF.

These dancers say that Filipino-Americans see folk dances as a cultural awakening.

“The first time that they experience it, it’s a combination of shock and pride. They didn’t realize that we have a very colorful heritage,” said Robbie Herrera from Kariktan Dance Company. “They tend to be more excited about it and they tend to want to learn more.”

While the Philippines may be an ocean away, this Bay Area folk dance festival still resembles what many Filipinos may remember from cultural traditions back home.

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