Bail hearing set for Cesar Sayoc Jr.

by Tj Manotoc, ABS-CBN News

Wearing a tan jumpsuit with an orange undershirt, his feet and hands shackled, Cesar Sayoc Jr, appeared in court for the first time on Monday, after getting arrested just three days before.

He was formally read the charges for allegedly sending 14 pipe bombs to prominent Democratic personalities, and news organization CNN.

Reports noted he appeared emotional — his face turning red and seen with tears in his eyes.

The hearing only lasted a few minutes in a jam-packed courtroom at the federal district court for the southern district of Florida.

Sayoc was represented in court by Atty Dan Aaronson, who claimed Sayoc was a polite and respectful man, and insisting his client was innocent until proven guilty.

Aaronson was hopeful the authorities have the wrong guy and new evidence could prove he is not guilty/

Meanwhile, several news agencies are reporting a source from law enforcement is confirming the existence of a target list of Sayoc’s that allegedly had more than 100 names.

In the White House, President Trump denied blame for inspiring Sayoc to mail the pipe bombs, saying he was insane a long time ago.

“He was insane a long time before, you look at his medical records. He was insane for a long time.”

Federal prosecutors want no bail for Sayoc.

They believe he is a flight risk and a danger to the community.

Sayoc will eventually be prosecuted in New York, rather than Miami. The court will also tackle when he would be moved, and that bail hearing is set for Friday.

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