BA Special Report: Missing balikbayan boxes (Part I)

ATLANTA, GA — On this rainy may afternoon in Atlanta, these families became allies for one reason.

They are all looking for their missing balikbayan boxes.

“We’re trying to organize and figure what we can do so that we can recover 29 boxes that we sent to Mindanao and Luzon to several very indigent schools and libraries in the Philippines,” said Fran Tiangco, representative of the Galing Foundation.

Tiangco and hundreds of Filipinos from several southeastern states say the balikbayan boxes they sent, many since June 2017 through Continental Freight Forwarders, have not reached their destination in the Philippines.

The Cargo Company is owned by Mac Galdo. Some of Galdo’s customers have been using his service for several years. Many of them reacted to the news of missing boxes, while others — including shipping businesses — sprung up to act and connect frustrated customers.

In Columbia, South Carolina, many of the Continental Freight Forwarders customers have told us they’ve gone to drop off the boxes to be sent to the Philippines.

Hopefully, somebody would be there who could give us an answer as to what happened to those boxes.

For more on this special report story, watch Balitang America.

In part two of this special report, find out what those CFF customers learned, and what you should know, about the kind of recourse they have to locate their balikbayan boxes.

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