One-on-one with Jordan Clarkson

The NBA season doesn’t start until late October, but basketball continues throughout the summer.

The NBA Draft and free agency can sometimes be the most buzz-worthy times for NBA players.

While Jordan Clarkson’s name pops up on trade rumors, the Los Angeles Lakers’ guard continues to work out and prepare for the offseason.

“Just stay on your job and stay on your grind,” Clarkson said. “You can’t worry about what everybody else is saying. We’re working, we’re having fun — that’s all we can do.”

And when he’s not training with his teammates, the young face of the storied franchise is often seen in commercials, endorsements, and even Hollywood gossip sites.

Now entering his fourth year, the San Antonio-raised Clarkson has been eyeing more projects off the court, from fashion to community projects, and even his own foundation.

He shows off his Pinoy pride every chance.

“Just a little bit of everything with clothes, and we just launched our store stuff. I’m just trying to spread my roots as far as I can, and kind of get in a little bit of everything… I feel like with the platform and all the support I have, I feel like it can be done anywhere, but definitely being here in LA does help.”

While Clarkson is the only Fil-Am NBA player, he’s confident that other Filipinos will eventually find their way onto NBA rosters in the near future.

Each year, more Filipinos are entering the NBA and college basketball systems, which he says begins at an early age.

“It’s showing how much the game has grown and how much it’s coming together. It’s starts from here, kids coming to camp and see that it’s possible to make it happen,” he said. “A lot of these kids, we just try to give them a platform to paint and create. So I’m wishing all those guys the best, and hopefully they’ll be in the league soon.”

He’s also been enjoying time with the youth, recently wrapping up a 3 day youth summer camp in Corona.

He has another one in late July in downtown Los Angeles.



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