AZ man to appear in court for Filipina's 2006 disappearance and murder

By Don Tagala, ABS-CBN News North America Bureau

August 16, 2013

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz-After a broken marriage, Eleanor Pigon Su came to the US on a tourist visa in 2005, leaving her kids behind with a promise to come back to the Philippines and get them when she makes it in America…

But that never happened. She mysteriously vanished in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2006

Eleanor worked hard as a caregiver at the Lovin’ Manor Assisted Facility in North Scottsdale.

“She had a lot of class, you could tell she’s a person of education, and she was very caring,” Martha “Marty” Ziomek, Su’s former employer and owner Lovin’ Manor.

After finishing her shift on the night of June 11 in 2006, Su left for the night and never showed up for work ever again.

Ziomek said, “her coworker relayed to me that when she left that night there was an SUV waiting for her and she expressed fear as she walked out the door, so the next morning when she didn’t show up for work I was really concerned.

More than four years after she disappeared, her body was finally found decomposing inside a trash bin locked up inside storage B-32 at the Westview self-storage facility in Good Year, Arizona.

Investigators say it’s hard to tell when she was killed but the medical examiner’s report showed that she died of a blunt force trauma to the body with possible strangulation.

Her head was covered with a plastic bag wrapped with clear packing tape. The examiner also found evidence of bleeding into the chest and abdominal cavities.

DNA tests confirmed that the remains found in the storage is the missing Filipina.

“I felt awful, I always suspected that something bad had happened to her I just didn’t know what,” said Ziomek.

The delinquent owner of storage B-32 turned out to be Su’s ex-boyfriend: Wade Bradford, who hasn’t been paying rent because he’s been in jail for the past 8 months for allegedly killing Natalie Allan, Bradford’s girlfriend at that time in 2010.

Ziomek described Su’s ex as controlling.

“Whenever I would email her, Wade would reply, it was a little strange to me that he would be so involved, so he seemed controlling,” said Ziomek, “While she worked for me, they became engaged, he gave her an engagement ring, but she expressed she was afraid of him she didn’t look like that person in love with someone she was afraid of him.”

After analyzing the evidence taken from the storage — the Maricopa County Grand Jury indicted Bradford last December on counts of kidnapping and first-degree murder in the death of the Filipina.

A status conference in Su’s case and trial in Natalie Allan’s death is scheduled on September 23.

The 2 murder cases against Wade Bradford will proceed on parallel tracks. Bradford had expressed his desire to represent himself in court.
With reports from Raul Legaspi in Arizona.

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