Axe-wielding robber breaks into Filipino-owned medical spa

LAS VEGAS — An axe-wielding burglar is still at large, after breaking to this Pinoy-owned med spa. The burglar took thousands of dollars of medical grade skin care products and spa machines equipment.

It has almost been a week since this medical spa, owned by Pinoy internist Dr. Maria Regalado, was ransacked and burglarized by a man using an axe to break into the front window.

Little did he know that surveillance and security cameras of the med spa clinic were recording his every move.

“This guy had an axe, and he was basically working this glass he never completed shattered it, because its a tough security glass but he got enough hole where he reach over. Pull the handle and open the door. So he broke inside he knows this one is locked he crawled through the window space.”

Regalado says that the alarm system alerted him and he immediately called the police but the burglar was able to flee, taking thousands of dollars worth of medical grade skin products and equipment.

Regaladao says that stealing their high-end skin products would be an easy sell on the black market, and a quick profit for the thief.

“He filled a whole hamper like a bin of stuff, and filled them out and drag it out. Some of those things that one cream is $98 those you could grab 12 of those and be $1200 and its a quick profit for him.”

Regalado says that Las Vegas Metro Police has already identified the burglar, but up to this newscast they are still trying to locate the whereabouts of the thief.

Regalado is hoping that these images will lead to the arrest of this man who is considered armed and dangerous.

If you have information about this thief, call CRIME STOPPERS at 702-385-5555.

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