Award-winning Mostra Coffee celebrates anniversary with renewed commitment to help the Philippines

SAN DIEGO — The team behind Mostra Coffee would have never have imagined this: Hundred of fans lined up, as their coffee becomes a key ingredient in beers, desserts, and appetizers.

With a mission to build community, the San Diego-based coffee company celebrated its 6th anniversary along the Broadway Pier, bringing together many vendors.

“Part of our value system is collaboration and community and coffee happens to pull in different peoples together and this party is a testament to a lot of different vendors,” said Sam Magtanong.

Lines of foodies, coffee lovers, and beer connoisseurs wrapped around the pier, looking for a taste of the popular coffee shop.

“This coffee really blends well with beers. The Ethiopian is a little on the fruitier side, so it’s definitely lending some fruity notes to the beer.”

And as the craze for Mostra continues to grow, it also gives them a chance to sprout more support for the Philippines wear they source beans, hoping to show that Philippine coffee is among the world’s best, whether in a cup of Joe, a brewski, or a fresh bakes pastry.

Coffee, ice cream, and beer — three things that make an awesome combination.

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