Authorities confirm that Canada has officially flattened the curve

As the U.S. confirms thousands of new COVID-19 cases daily, Canada’s new numbers are down by the hundreds.

Authorities have confirmed in the past weeks, the country has officially flattened the curve.

“Over the last 4 months, Canadians have come together to help each and keep each other safe. It’s taken a lot of hard work and sacrifices, but its starting to pay off. We are controlling the spread of the virus. And because the situation continues to improve, we can now pick up on where we left off,” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

While the virus started in both countries at about the same time, Canada’s numbers of confirmed COVID cases has consistently been lower than the U.S.

Canada’s representative for Kanlungan believes, the country’s free healthcare is a big factor.

“Very very lucky that our health care system is not privatized (jumpcut) 00’29 for many people they can access you know medical help if they needed. They don’t really need to think about the cost of healthcare and focus on getting better,” said Charlene Sayo.

Canada also closed the U.S. border to non-essential travel, and politicians gave way to health officials.

In British Columbia for example, top Dr. Bonnie Henry, has been the face of government’s response to the pandemic since day one.

With experience in dealing with ebola and sars under her belt, Henry made tough choices early on to contain the pandemic.

“So to slow the spread of the virus we made those difficult decisions to restrict visitors in long term care homes and assisted living, single-site restrictions across the province. Despite our efforts, families have lost fathers, mothers, and every day this weighs heavily on us.”

Masks are encouraged, but not required–except in limited places like public transit.

No one has made an issue about it, and some believe it’s cultural.

“As we can see in the U.S., there is a very high level of individualism, there is some here in cda…But the culture whereas in the U.S. is in terms of collective living, in trying to take care of each other…Has also affected the way the virus has been handled.”

And despite low numbers, re-opening the economy was slow, and vigilance remains.

“While we re-open social and economic spaces I encourage everyone to keep up the hard work of following public health advice to lower the risk for yourself and the people in your contact bubbles esp those at higher risk of severe illness. Keeping COVID 19 under control and away from vulnerable populations is a shared responsibility for all of us.”

Canada has reported more than 105,000 total cases of COVID-19, with 8,684 deaths as of Sunday.


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