Atty. Tancinco reminds undocumented immigrants living in fear to remember constitutional rights, talk to attorneys

Joining BA via Skype to talk about the recent immigration raids, and what undocumented kababayans can do in a tense situation, is Pinoy Panawagan counsel Attorney Lou Tancinco from Burlingame, CA.

Atty. Tancinco says that the recent nationwide arrests “are collateral” and a part of the “immigration sweep of ICE [Immigration and Customers Enforcement] officials” targeting undocumented criminals.

“Collateral arrests,” Tancino defines, are where immigrants without proper legal documentation are also at the time and place of the ICE operations, “and ICE had to take them into custody as well.”

She advises undocumented kababayans and their families affected by President Trump’s broad immigration policies to “take time to contact their attorney(s), sit down and discuss with them, face their fears, and find out if there are still ways to legalize their stay.”

“In the worst case scenario immigrants are taken into custody through the collateral arrests,” she adds, “don’t forget to contact your attorney, because you are still entitled to a hearing. You are also allowed to be released on a bond, if eligible.”

“You are not targeted for enforcement, unless you are at the wrong place and wrong time,” she reminds vulnerable kababayans.

As for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients, the lawyer reminds them “Unless there are [unlawful] circumstances, all DACA recipients should not fear about being apprehended by ICE.”

Those arrested in an immigration raid should stay calm in the situation, and remember your constitutional right to counsel, and a phone call to your attorney.

For those in need of advice for any legal problem, please send your questions to, or call the hotline at 1-800-999-9096.

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  • Mario
    15 February 2017 at 11:34 pm - Reply

    DACA Daniel Ramirez ARRESTED,ICE raided their house and deported his father being a felon illegal alien, Daniel admitted that he is a member of a gang as shown by ICE agent from his facebook. During the raid his brother another DACA was not arrested because his facebook is clean. All kinds of lawyers jump-in trying to advertise their name, because there are 750K DACA as future client. DACA are authorized to work they have money, $1,000 payment to a lawyer is easy….. DACA is over a 750 Million business,there are several kinds of lawyers; corporate lawyers, bankcruptcy, litigation, criminal,civil right lawyer, civil, patent and many more, what you need are IMMIGRATION LAWYER…