At MSU, white nationalists and counter-protestors clash on freedom of speech

This was the scene Monday afternoon outside Michigan State University, where white nationalists chanted and marched through counter-protesters.

It was a collision course.

The White nationalists came to support alt-right leader Richard Spencer, who was invited to speak at the university.

They say they are exercising their freedom of speech in promoting their white nationalist values.


Spencer was met with hundreds of counter protesters — which has been the trend of conservative figures speaking at college events — most notably at the University of California, Berkeley.


Fil-Am advocate and activist Yvette Felarca says these white nationalists hide behind the first amendment of free speech to incite hate and breed division.


“It’s clear that the free speech issue has been misrepresented and appropriated by the right wing in a completely cynical and disingenuous fashion. They don’t care about free speech. They are attacking us and trying to kill us.”

Felarca says that white nationalists have a momentum of recruiting more people into their crusade — and they must be stopped.

“We do need to build a movement using argument and persuasion and making clear how right our position is but the reality is that we won that debate long ago when it comes to actually opposing and stopping Nazis. It’s not a debate for them. It’s a physical act.”

Matthew Heimbach, who was at the protest, posted this on the Traditionalist Worker Party website — regarding the Michigan event.


“Our movement is the only hope for white folks in North America. We must use the momentum we have created through our hard work and sacrifice to continue the march to an independent white ethno-state for all future generations.”

According to Michigan State University police Captain Doug Monette, two dozen arrests, including felonies, were made.

Monette added that there were some weapons charges, as well as charges of hindering and obstructing.

Despite some delays, Spencer was able to give his speech.


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