At least 14 people killed, 17 wounded in San Bernardino shooting

By Steve Almasy and Kyung Lah, CNN

CNN – The hunt for one to three suspects was taking place near a San Bernardino, California, center for people with developmental disabilities, where at least 14 people were killed Wednesday, Police Chief Jarrod Burguan told reporters.

Fourteen other people were wounded in the shooting, Burguan said.

[Latest developments, posted at 5:27 p.m. ET]

  • SWAT teams and the bomb squad were working to clear the buildings where the shootings took place.The suspects were armed with long guns, Burguan told reporters. “These were people that came prepared. … They were armed with long guns, not hand guns,” he told reporters. Most of the victims were “centrally located in one area of the facility,” Burguan said. Police didn’t exchange gunfire with the shooters, he added.
  • “At this point, I know one of your questions is going to be ‘Is this a terrorist incident?’ I will tell you right now we do not know if this is a terrorist incident,” David Bowdich, an assistant director for Los Angeles FBI’s office told reporters.
  • The shootings were in the conference center at the Inland Regional Center, the center’s executive director, Lavinia Johnson, told CNN. She believes the county’s Department of Public Health was having a holiday party there. Johnson said the fire alarm went off in her building, and people began to evacuate but then the order came to stay in place. Later police came and took people out of their offices.
  • The three suspects are believed to be armed with AK-47-type weapons, a local law enforcement official told CNN.
  •  President Barack Obama restated his call for more gun control reforms in the wake of the mass shooting. Speaking to CBS News, Obama said Congress should act in a bipartisan manner to close loopholes, including one that allows people on the TSA no-fly list to legally purchase firearms
  • Four adults have been transported to Loma Linda University Medical Center, and the hospital is expecting three more patients, hospital spokeswoman Briana Pastorino said. She did not describe the nature of the patients’ wounds. Arrowhead Regional Medical Center has received eight patients, an employee who didn’t want to be named told CNN.
  • The bomb squad found a suspicious package on the second floor of a building and determined it is “not normal,” a law enforcement source told CNN. They are going to handle it with a robot, the source added.
  • A woman who works at a building where the shootings occurred texted her father: “Shooting at my work. People shot.” The father told CNN affiliate KABC his daughter told him 10 to 20 people were shot.
  • The FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were responding, agency representatives said.
  • Wednesday’s shooting occurred at the Inland Regional Center, a facility for people with developmental disabilities. It is unclear how many people were at the facility at the time of the shooting.

The center’s Facebook page says it employs nearly 670 people at its facilities in San Bernardino and Riverside counties, providing service to more than 30,200 people.

It aims to “work on a personal, one-on-one basis with people with developmental disabilities to make their lives better as they define it.” No information is yet available on how many people were at the facility at the time of the shooting.

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  • Enigma
    3 December 2015 at 7:56 am - Reply

    Progressives and Obama own all these shootings.
    Obama and progressives are responsible for all these foreign terrorist walking around free in America!!

    Obama MSM and progressives created the atmosphere of hate that caused people to snap by spouting SEGREGATION HATE LIES causing segregated Americans to hate anybody who disagrees with them.

  • Enigma
    3 December 2015 at 8:01 am - Reply

    Obama openly mocks Christians & has on numerous occasions shown his HATRED 0f Christians, he supports infanticide, abortion & SPECIAL rights for homos. He has made it a CRIME to be a Christian in the military while making sure muslims get a pass even when they threaten their fellow soldiers. The homofascist movement, fully supported by Obama, has carefully shied away from calling out MUSLIM businesses as bigots for THEIR opposition to the homo lifestyle. In every way possible Obama has SAVAGED Christianity while advocating for Islam.

    Obama is NOT in any way, shape or form a Christian because his ideology & actions fly in the face of Christian values.
    It puzzles me that no one has enough balls to simply put together a short video highlighting the NUMEROUS times Obama has bashed Christians & Jews. He has certainly not been shy about it in the past 7 years, there is PLENTY of material.

  • Mario
    3 December 2015 at 11:58 am - Reply

    Yesterday news says,not terrorism but work related,the gunmen a Muslim,attending office Christmas party, possibly get upset when everybody are greeting each other ” Merry Christmas”, Muslim hates to hear the name Of CHRIST, he prefer to hear “Happy Holidays”,then went home,came back with the wife,dressed in tactical suit fully armed then started shooting everybody.Todays news says,it is terrorism, three were involved, gunmen parents from Pakistan,gunmen born in USA, went to Saudi Arabia, met a wife, and from there believed he got radicalized. As Allah said “A dead Moslem in the name of Islam is a good Moslem”.A USA born get radicalized, Boston marathon bomber came to USA when he was a child get radicalized, yet OBAMA initially want to bring-in 10,000 Syrians refugees, while Hillary want 65,000 immediately, for a total of 250,000 refugees within 2 years.News media used the word, Holiday Party, they are afraid to use CHRISTmas Party.