Assemblyman Rob Bonta on Trump’s gun control policy: “it’s way too little, too late”

SACRAMENTO — President Donald Trump has issued an executive memo directing the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives and the department of justice to outlaw bump stocks.

According to the White House if this cannot be an administrative fix, they will proceed through legislation.

Meanwhile in California, Fil-Am Assemblymember Rob Bonta from Alameda is not satisfied with the President’s actions.


“The president. No, he doesn’t give me hope. It’s way too little, too late. Addressing the bump stock issue now is like six months too late,” said Bonta. “He needed multiple mass shootings to occur between Las Vegas and now, including Parkland, before he even decided to act on on the shooting that happened multiple mass shootings ago.”

Bonta also disagrees with the president’s idea to arm teachers.

“There was an armed individual on-site at Stoneman Douglas and he didn’t save them. The issue is to not let that happen in the first place. It’s to speed the red flags in the first place, and have his guns temporarily removed during his mental health crisis or breakdown. There’s other smarter policy ways to get out of it, not flooding our schools with more guns.”

The White House also says raising the age limit to purchase weapons is still an option.

“The president still supports raising the age limit to 21 for the purchase of certain firearms. We’re meeting with bipartisan members of Congress tomorrow,” he said. “I think the number one thing that we’re looking at is every possible action that we can take that helps protect the safety and security of school kids across the country.”

However, the NRA is against raising the age limit and stresses that Trump has not fully backed the idea.


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  • Mario
    1 March 2018 at 1:18 am - Reply

    NRA allegedly has 11 Million members and followers,85% are GOP voters.The DEMS has NO WAY to take away, banned Guns from Americans. American first love is their GUNS, 2nd is their wife, believed me.Today,Trump on live TV meeting with GOP & Dems,Governors,Congressman and Senators Trump proposal, on bump stock(rifles should NOT fire like a machine gun) raising the age limit to 21 in buying guns, and rigid back ground check and mental illness. Trump pushed them to come out with a solution or legislation.Trump also said he already met with NRA and they are willing to cooperate as long as there is a legislation.The problem is Trump own party the GOP, many don’t want to cooperate with him when it comes to guns….. Admiral Yamamoto, a Harvard University grads, planner for the attack of Pearl Harbor, said “never land any Japanese troops in America, Americans love and sleep with their guns”