Asian female comic book character, Justice Angel, fights her way to the big screen

NEW YORK — New York has a new superhero: Justice Angel, a female superhero with super martial arts power.

“Justice Angel is about this little girl, her name is Sarah, and she was raised by parents who were murdered, so she was sent to her grandmother who raised her,” said creator, director and writer Tiffany Dang. “And then she was sent to a temple studying martial arts; after she leaves the temple she goes out, she fights crime at night.”

“She uses martial arts to defend herself and it’s really inspiring,” said model Jemimah De la Cruz.

The female comic book superhero is on her way to the big screen.

“Justice Angel – the Movie” will start filming soon – under a female director and writer, Tiffany Dang.

The comic book team includes Filipino artists like illustrators Juan “Jo” Luna and Nestor “Thor” Tantiado. Both have worked for several different animation studios in the Philippines and in the US.

The movie’s executive producer is also a Filipina from Arizona.

“We’re so excited about this film,” said Charmel Dela Cruz. “We’re making sure that Justice Angel is the epitome of the woman power, girl power as they say… it’s seldom you’ll find an Asian lead character or talent in the comic world.”

This production team believes Justice Angel is their answer to Hollywood’s whitewashing, especially when it comes to superhero movies.

Justice Angel’s director has one special wish for a leading man.

She says kapamilya star CoCo Martin, who is a martial artist, seems a perfect fit.

“I looked him up and he looks very good, and I would love to have him in my movie.”

The role would be Justice Angel’s love interest – a major character in the three-part series superhero action movie.

“CoCo Martin, if you can hear me, I would love to have you in my set, I would love to meet you and be part of our movie,” she said.

Justice Angel starts filming in Hollywood in 2018.

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