ASEAN People’s Association teams with consulates to open first ASEAN Cultural Center

BEVERLY HILLS, CA — The spirit of peace, economy, and cooperation of the ASEAN summit is not only felt in the Philippines — this year’s host country.

Los Angeles is also gearing up for its own events, commemorating the 50th year of the multinational partnership.

On September 9th, .the ASEAN People’s Association — a private group — is teaming up with consulates of the ASEAN countries for a grand ball at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, with former White House doctor, a Filipino American Connie Mariano as an honoree.

The gala will also be for a cause.

“It’s the only ASEAN community to celebrate of its kind in the United States, and all proceeds that will go to the opening of the first ASEAN Cultural Center of South Asia, and the first in North America,” said Nellsen Young from the People’s Association.

At a time of global issues, from the threat of war to racial tensions, LA Philippine Consul General Adelio Cruz hopes these ASEAN-themed events can promote peace and diversity.

“The nice thing about ASEAN throughout its history is its strengthened diversity and the United States being one of the countries in the world, with a very diverse community, it’s the strength that we can share with the country that we’re in right now,” Cruz said.

Throughout the year, the Philippines has hosted several ASEAN summits — but the main event of the ASEAN is scheduled for November when leaders of the participating countries, including the US will congregate in Manila, with a theme.

“A people oriented and people centered ASEAN peace and stability in the region marine security and cooperation, inclusive innovation-led growth, ASEAN residency and ASEAN a model of regionalism, a global player,” said Cruz.

And the consulate’s of each country look forward to keeping those themes growing, when the ASEAN cultural center is complete.



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