ASEAN Fest promotes Philippine tourism, business, and talent

INDUSTRY, CA — The 2018 ASEAN Fest, hosted by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, brought together tourism organizations, dignitaries, businesses and performers from 10 member nations to promote what their countries are offering the world—-and build camaraderie amongst its people.

Officers from the Philippine Consulate in LA and their volunteers — armed with posters and pamphlets—showed off the beauty of the islands—-and explained why its still more fun in the Philippines, even though the crown jewel, Boracay, is closed for rehabilitation.

“ We are really looking forward and excited for Boracay to re-open by the close of the end of the year—by that time, the beach and Boracay itself will be clean and be ready for the influx of tourists to come over,” said tourism director Richmond Jimenez.

And it wouldn’t be a full feature of the culture—without the help of young filipino American beauty queens.

This year’s crop of Miss Filipina International and last years winners say that the true beauty of the Philippines are its people.

“Being Filipino is all about being humble, but also being hardworking,” said Nikki Zulueta.

“ Filipinos are so family-oriented. We carry certain family values that we will carry on for the rest of our lives,” says Asia Aragon.




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