As President Trump works towards funding his wall, followers rally in support of border deal

Lawmakers are closing in a compromise to fund the contentious U.S.-Mexico border wall that President Donald Trump has been pushing for.

However, the president is not yet satisfied with the proposal, and speculation has grown that Trump will declare a state of emergency to get the funding for the wall.

Immigrant rights advocates have strongly opposed the construction of the wall.

For supporters of Trump, they still stand firm on the construction of the border wall, even if it means the threats of a government shut down.

Philippine-born Rachel Gunther has been in support of that wall, organizing rallies against illegal immigration.

Gunther who chaired Trump’s 2016 California campaign, a helped start the group Moms against Sanctuary States, believes the wall also represents an idea.

The wall debate comes as migrant caravans try to seek asylum from [Central] American countries. However, Gunther believes that it’s not the case.

As Congress waits for Trump to sign the budget plan which includes some $3 billion for border security, Gunther is gearing up for California’s state Republican convention next week, where the wall is expected to be an issue.

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