Despite obstacles, overseas absentee polls formally close and partial Halalan 2019 results pour in

Polls have officially closed for the overseas absentee voting of the 2019 Philippine midterm elections.

One by one the representatives of the 10 consulates all over the U.S. are making their way to Washington DC to submit their SD cards for the national canvass.

But the process has been slow in some consulates due to some technical glitches.

The system of overseas absentee votes in the U.S. is not only unique via its postal voting system, but also with the delivery of results from the respective Philippine consulates to the national canvass. Counting is typically done at the Philippine embassy in Washington DC.

Over in Los Angeles, the consulate finished up counting and tallying all 53 precincts late Tuesday — the top vote-getters in that region for the senatorial slate are Doc Willie Ong, Bato dela Rosa, Pia Cayetano, Cynthia Villar, and Grace Poe.

Partial and Unofficial Results from Philippine Consulate General Los Angeles – 53 out of 53 Precincts

1. Willie Ong

2. Rolando dela Rosa

3. Pia Cayetano

4. Cynthia Villar

5. Grace Poe

6. Sonny Angara

7. Bong Go

8. Francis Tolentino

9. Imee Marcos

10. Bam Aquino

11. Koko Pimental

12. Mar Roxas

In New York, all 43 precincts were also done Tuesday with their tallies and the SD cards and are now on their way to Washington. Topping the list in new york was Pia Cayetano, followed by Dela Rosa, Villar, Angara, and Go.

Partial and Unofficial Results from Philippine Consulate General New York – 43 out of 43 Precincts

1. Pia Cayetano

2. Rolando dela Rosa

3. Cynthia Villar

4. Sonny Angara

5. Bong Go

6. Francis Tolentino

7. Imee Marcos

8. Koko Pimentel

9. Bam Aquino

10. Mar Roxas

11.Grace Poe

12. Willie Ong

But one cause of delay are the votes coming from San Francisco as on the final day of counting, two SD cards malfunctioned and had to be replaced from the COMELEC in Manila.

From the last count of the 58 out of the 60 precincts the top vote getters are Villar, Dela Rosa, Cayetano, Poe, and Ong.

Partial and Unofficial Results from Philippine Consulate General San Francisco – 58 out of 60 Precincts

1. Cynthia Villar

2. Rolando dela Rosa

3. Pia Cayetano

4. Grace Poe

5. Willie Ong

6. Sonny Angara

7. Bong Go

8. Imee Marcos

9. Francis Tolentino

10. Koko Pimentel

11. Bam Aquino

12. Mar Roxas

Officials from the San Francisco consulate say the 2 replacement SD cards arrived on Wednesday, and they are re-feeding all the ballots from those precincts ASAP.

Only then can consul general Henry Bensurto proceed to Washington DC for the national canvas.

Voters and concerned citizens may be wondering why there is still 0% of the partial and unofficial results from the Americas.

This is due to the process of OAV in the U.S., that consulates don’t transmit data electronically — rather, consul generals and consulate representatives hand deliver the SD cards to Washington DC.

Only then will data from the Americas start coming in to the COMELEC back in the Philippines. That information may have to wait a couple of more days given the time to travel to Washington DC.

For more updates, voters can check the latest results on

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