As holiday online shopping season continues, police warn of porch thieves

LAS VEGAS — Amid the holiday shopping rush, more Americans are doing their shopping online, which made up 9 percent of all retail sales in the United States.

The purchases, delivered to their doorsteps in public view, are enticing to thieves.

“This is added convenience; however you are leaving unsecured property items outside of your house,” says Las Vegas metro police officer Larry Hatfield.

Recently, 29-year-old Edson Manzano, was arrested by Vegas metro police. Police say they believed Manzano is the man in this video, suspected of stealing packages from outside of people’s homes.

Police say Manzano allegedly stole packages from 3 homes on December 13, and another on November 29.

“Recently we made a pretty significant arrest regarding the porch bandit and that person is the suspect, in fact going to peoples and stealing packages that were previously delivered.”

In a report, LV Metro police said detectives got a tip about Edson Manzano’s whereabouts. Manzano is booked at the Clark County detention center and is now facing charges on grand larceny and felony theft, with a bail set at $5,000 on the grand larceny charge.

Police advise people to be home when packages are delivered or to have them sent elsewhere, or utilize the option of picking up their packages in a certain store — like the Amazon Locker — where ordered items are locked until picked up by the buyer.

“A lot of people are ordering things and a lot of delivery trucks in and out of the neighborhood if these people are predators, and a lot of times they follow that driver or wait where they drop off that type of package and go out and take it.”

While FBI keeps no nationwide statistics on the porch thieves problem, 30 percent of Americans say they’ve experience it themselves — according to a survey by Xfinity home, Comcast’s home security service.

LV metro police say they will be strolling around the malls and stores during the holidays.

They recommend that people lock their vehicles or hide valuables when shopping, avoid shopping alone, park in well-lit areas, and pay attention to those around you.

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