Arum sees Pacquiao fighting in October or November

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — When Freddie Roach’s prodigy Viktor Postol takes on Terrence Crawford on July 23, it’s more than just about unifying the 140 pound world titles. It’s now a chance to enter the Manny Pacquiao sweepstakes.

“I would hate to have my own fighter go against Manny but it wouldn’t be a bad situation to be in because I expect my guy to win this fight and if he wins this fight he could be in that situation. That could happen,” Roach said.

Just weeks after Pacquiao began his duties as a Philippine senator, promoter Bob Arum has now begun plans for a “Pacman” fight either on October 29 or November 5 when the Philippine senate is in recess.

Pacquiao released a statement as the news began circulating saying his legislative works remain his priority and any future fight will not interfere with his Senate duties.

“He wants to fight. He likes to fight but he’s not going to fight if it interferes with his senatorial duties,” said Arum.

“That shouldn’t be hard to figure out. In other words, it’s a pretty big job being a senator but it’s not a job that takes all waking hours. There are recesses. He can go to the Senate and train earlier or later. He can handle.”

For his part, Roach said: “He told me after the last fight he doesn’t think he’s all done yet because he felt good in that fight and when he said that to me, I took that as we will fight again.”

Aside from the winner of Postol-Crawford, Danny Garcia and Jesse Vargas have also made the shortlist of possible opponents.

For Roach, who believes the 37-year-old senator has two fights left, all of them can make for great fights. But he is eyeing one specific opponent.

“You know what though, I don’t really care who they pick. Just give me time to train him I have no problem,” said Roach.

“I want him to fight Mayweather because that fight still bothers me. Because I know Manny can do better than he did in that fight.”

As Arum continues to push the Crawford-Postol fight, he is now in the early planning stages for Pacquiao’s apparent return.

“Once I have a date and opponent then we’ll work the usual thing do with myself Michael Koncz and Manny and get a contract up,” said Arum.

In his statement, Pacquiao said that in the event he does fight again he will hold the entire camp in the Philippines and Roach said he’d be ready to stay there for a couple months.

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  • Kenikeni
    19 July 2016 at 12:11 pm - Reply

    Pacquiao you lier! You said di ka na lalaban ulol!!! Mag resign ka na as Senator.