Arroyo’s US ally says critics should stop and see the light 

MILLBRAE, Calif. – Immediately after she was released from detention at the Veterans Memorial Medical Center, former Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo went through a series of medical check-ups.

Arroyo, who suffers from a spinal illness, was under hospital arrest for nearly five years.  She was released this week after the Supreme Court dismissed a plunder case against her.

Her supporters here in the U.S., including long-time friend, film director Lupita Aquino-Kashiwahara, are glad she could now get the medical attention she needs.

More than being friends, Kashiwahara was Arroyo’s image maker and the director of her State of the Nation Addresses and other major events.

Kashiwahara, though, worries Arroyo’s critics and tormentors won’t stop.  She said, “We don’t know yet what they’re thinking of doing. Let’s just pray it’s over. And pray for them, that they see the light.”

Kashiwahara hopes Arroyo will hold accountable, those responsible for her years of misery and humiliation.  Kashiwahara is the aunt of Arroyo’s chief critic, former President Noynoy Aquino.  She expressed, “You know I pray for him everyday. I really do. Whether I agree with him or disagree with him, I do pray for him everyday and hope that he’s enlightened.”

The truth will soon come out, Kashiwahara said. After all, Arroyo is the process of writing her autobiography.

Meantime, president of the U.S. Pinoys for Good Governance, Rodel Rodis, feels Arroyo got away with a lot of of crime.  He pointed out, “The problem was that they didn’t file charges for which she was really guilty of, and that is number one, the cheating of the 2004 elections. The second is the joint maritime seismic undertaking that she went through with China in 2006 which paved the way for the present problems we have with China because after Arroyo allowed China to explore the waters and they found oil and natural resources, they began their aggressive acquisition of Philippine islands.”

Arroyo’s ordeal may not be over yet.  She is also facing a graft charge before the Sandiganbayan. But unlike plunder, graft is a bailable offense.
On the issue of whether Arroyo’s human rights were violated when she was detained for years, Rodis said, “If she wanted to be concerned of human rights, there were a lot of human rights abuses during GMA’s time, Jonas Burgos and other were picked up by GMA’s favorite general, General Palparan.”
Gabriela USA echoes this sentiment and cited in a statement that Arroyo’s charges do not encompass the totality of the human rights abuses and crimes against the Filipino people committed during her nine-year term.


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  • Joe
    23 July 2016 at 1:07 am - Reply

    GMA is back to power as a Congresswoman,being a female kapangpangan (culturally vindictive, like Cory), we will wait, her next move on PNOY to Prison. GMA’s two children and relatives are elected politicians and back to power too. PNOY is not in power anymore, who will stand-up to protect him from Arroyo’s attack. GMA loyalist, law offices, government workers are now working with Duterte boys. Duterte’s smart move for allowing Supreme Court to dismiss GMA case on plunder. Duterte will just watch GMA to go after PNOYs hidden wealth, corruptions and final enforcement on land reform of Asyenda Luisita. One or two of the 5 Ninja Generals will turn as Gov’t. witness to protect their honor and will pinpoint the blame to their former boss.

  • Santiago Del Mundo
    24 July 2016 at 5:23 am - Reply

    Here we are in this great article crying about the Philippines Supreme Court ruling in favor of GMA. The lack of evidence (Balitang America, 2016), is what got GMA favorable ruling. The Ombudsman presented tons of evidence that were “supposed to prove” GMA’s plunder case? I’m surprised we do not have anything from YouTube? The harsh reality we do not see is the trial by media where Filipinos nowadays totally undermine decisions of the Supreme Court. Let’s see, you have Supreme Court judges who were appointed by the past or present presidents. The majority of the judges will rule in favor and some will dissent.
    Joe, think about this for a moment… Peenoy owns Hacienda Luisita somewhere in Tarlac and GMA is of course from Pampanga. Looking back into Philippines history would show us that both Tarlac and Pampanga are in the area called ” Huklandia”. The political upfront they may look like rivals or real enemies, but not really. Going after each other is just a dog and pony show…a hype that just ends to nothing. For a moment you’ll disagree, but the point is that these people are back into a different office as mayor, governor, senator or congressman.