Armless Fil-Am Jessica Cox honored in LA

BRENTWOOD, Calif.  – Filipino American motivational speaker and armless pilot Jessica Cox is back in Los Angeles racking up another honor.

Cox may have been born without arms, but she continues to be handed more and more awards and honors.

Recently, the 30-year old motivational speaker was honored by Women of Inspiration on behalf of Shane’s Inspiration, an international project that helps build playgrounds and programs for children with disabilities.

“I remember being a child in elementary school being frustrated at times because I felt at time the playground didn’t include me. It wasn’t always so friendly to someone without arms. And I know how that made me a little upset and angry,” she said.

While Cox continues to travel as a motivational speaker, she also continues to serve as an inspiration. The licensed pilot, scuba diver, and martial artist can now add author to her list of achievements.

“I finished a book called ‘Disarm Your Limits’. It’s my first book. It’s a motivational book and I’m just excited about getting my message out there as an author,” she said.

Cox, who was also married three years ago, will have a busy summer with the wedding of her siblings. But she believes it’s time for her to have babies soon.

“I think we do plan to start a family sometime soon,” she said.

As far as challenges, Cox has not yet decided which world to conquer next.

“It’s always important to have some goal and just last year, I earned a state champ title in my division in taekwondo and I think I’m planning to pick up a new goal. I don’t know what it is. I went skydiving for the first time two years ago. Who knows what it is? It might be solo skydiving,” she said.

Cox’s documentary is also set to debut in the Philippines this August.

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