Armless Fil-Am’s documentary inspires viewers across the country

OAKLAND, Calif. – The wet weather was a small factor these movie go’ers had to endure in order to watch the closing film of the Center for Asian American Media’s 34th annual film festival entitled CAAMFest.

And the featured filmmaker of this finale knows all about overcoming obstacles.

“Right footed” is a multi-award winning, feature documentary about Jessica Cox, a Fil-Am born without arms who, over the course of the film, transforms from a speaker and mentor into a disability rights activist and leader working on a global level.

Cox said, “It is an honor to be able to be in that position and to leave people empowered and inspired to live out their dreams and to go out there and do it.”

Cox is an expert martial artist, college graduate, and the world’s only armless pilot.

Her advocacy for disability rights has also brought her to Ethiopia and the Philippines.

Directed by Emmy award winning filmmaker Nick Spark, Cox hopes to inspire more people.

“When I told Nick when we first met I said that I can only be in so many places as one person,” said Cox. “I just got back from the Philippines last week and for me to able to share this in a film it would be able to reach so many more thousands and millions of people and that’s one of the goals he had when making this documentary so I think it’s a very special way and a means of showing everyone my life and showing them if they want to do something they can.”

Cox adds that people should never accept limitations.

“If I can fly an airplane with my feet what is it that you can’t do,” asks Cox.

“Right footed” has been featured at film festivals across the country.

Its next stops includes Cleveland and Chicago.

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