Arizonans cope with heat wave

By Fleur Magbanua-Mansur, ABS CBN North America Bureau

July 1, 2013

Phoenix – It has been a hot june in Arizona. But this weekend was the hottest, with temperatures hitting a record high of 119 degrees Fahrenheit. Although locals are well adapted to the desert heat, some said this was intolerable.

“It really is hot. But living in Arizona for the past 15 years, you get used to it but the nice thing about is there’s no humidity and you can stay inside and you won’t feel the heat but when you step outside, it’s a different story,” resident Leonardo Bulos said.

For a valley visitor, the heat came as a big surprise.

“This is terrible You really feel the burning sensation on your skin. I never felt anything like that,” said Poca Rafael, who is visiting from California.

Heat is the number one weather-related killer in Arizona. Children and the elderly are advised to take extra precaution.

Sally Arbatin, a registered nurse is taking pro-active measures to avoid heat related-incidence in her group home.

“The worst thing that could happen to elder people is heat exhaustion and worst heat stroke. We advice our patients’ relatives not to take them outside, give lots of fluids in any form. If they don’t like water they can have ice cream so they will be hydrated,” she said.

According to weather officials, temperatures will remain high through the middle of this week but is expected to fall below 110F by Thursday.

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