Arizona Fil-Ams endure long lines to cast primary votes

TEMPE, AZ – In Arizona, people flocked to polling sites all Tuesday long to vote for presidential nominees.

The wait extended for hours.

For some kababayans, exercising their right to vote and being heard are worth the wait.

Voter Isabel Tomasek said even one vote can make a big difference.

“I hope Donald Trump wins so we can see changes in America,” said Tomasek. “Bring back the old America.”

Arizona State University student and Democrat Erik Andrew Kausin said Senator Bernie Sanders represents the society that America needs to move towards a more progressive country.

“I love his inclusion aspect, there’s no racial slurs, or no attacks on any people of different cultures and background,” said Kausin. “I really appreciate getting to see people of different cultures and ethnicities supporting him because of these various reasons from Black Lives Matter all the way to gay marriage and things like that.”

Richelle Miller, an ASU doctoral student, said Clinton is the best candidate to fight terrorism. She has family in Brussels and heard about the bombing just before going to the voting center.

“She knows how to talk more and communicate well and also compromise with other world leaders because this is an international problem,” said Miller. “I woke this morning and I heard the news in NPR. My sister and her family live in Brussels. Luckily, they’re ok.”

Meanwhile, with 99 percent of the polls reporting, Trump won the Republican vote with 47.1 percent. Clinton won the Democratic vote with 57.6 percent.



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