Arizona Fil-Am leaves to compete for Miss America pageant

by Gerald Bohulano, ABS-CBN News

CHANDLER, AZ — The Arizona fil-am and pageant community gathered to send off their own Miss Arizona.

Maddie Rose Holler will compete at Miss America. The 19-year-old Fil-Am has been working hard to prepare and capture the pageant crown.

The Miss Arizona organization planned a send-off party, where she got to say goodbye to friends and family before taking off to Atlantic City, New Jersey.

“I feel overwhelmed in the best way possible and so so excited. We’ve been having months of preparation with the Miss Arizona board and team,” Holler said. “I’m so grateful for all of the opportunities and the work that we’ve put in. And I’m just ready to showcase it all on the Miss America stage representing Arizona.”

“We picked every piece from her evening gown to her swimsuit to her talent gown to make sure the on-stage image was perfect. We went over modeling. We went over her fitness. And of course, the interview competition which she really excels at,” said exec director Stacy Kole.

Holler’s supporters believe she will do well competing for Miss America.

“She’s beautiful. She’s very eloquent. She’s very elegant. She speaks very well. She’s very talented very smart. And then her projects related to the veterans of our country is, I believe, remarkable,: said Marilyn Tabamo.


“I think her biggest strength is that she’s a veteran in this system, because she was a former Miss Arizona’s outstanding teen. And I think that’s a huge advantage,” said Nathalie Velasquez.

Holler’s goal is to make the top ten and win Miss America. She is asking for support from her fellow Fil-Ams to make her dream become reality.r

“They can always follow me on social media, Miss America AZ. Those are all my social handles. But not only that but from this time on you can vote once a day every day, if you’re a valid Facebook user at so vote for your homegirl Arizona, and we hope to represent the Fil-Am community of course at Miss America as well.”


With Miss America just around the corner, Maddie Rose Holler will be traveling to Atlantic City New Jersey to represent Arizona. People can watch the Miss America pageant live on ABC September 10.

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