Arizona caregivers celebrate Thanksgiving with Filipino twist

by  Gerald Bohulano, ABS-CBN News

GILBERT, AZ — Fil-Am caregivers at R&R East Valley Homes say they’ve prepared to give their senior residents a Thanksgiving party with a Filipino twist.

Ruben and Richard Barranco are owners and founders. The couple has a ten-year tradition of serving their senior residents Filipino food, karaoke and dancing.

There are 1,400 assisted living homes in Maricopa county, according to R&R co-owner, Richard Hapan and his partner own six care homes throughout the Phoenix Valley. He wants his residents to always feel like they’re at home.

“It’s all about family. We want them to feel how important they are to us. They’ve done so much to our homes as well. And we’ll just you know, giving it back to them.”

There are tens of thousands of Filipinos working as caregivers in the U.S.

R&R caregivers like Lorena Hapan treats her residents as if they’re her own grandparents.

With Christmas just around the corner, Ruben and Richard have Christmas parties planned for all six of their assisted living homes. Residents can expect more Filipino food and hospitality from their new family.   

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