Ariza assures he won’t reveal Pacquiao secrets to Floyd

LAS VEGAS – Spectators crowded outside the Mayweather Boxing Gym here where fancy cars are parked outside, and undefeated American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr . is training for his upcoming mega fight on May 2.

Mayweather Jr.’s conditioning coach Alex Ariza told ABS-CBN North America Bureau that Mayweather’s training camp has been going smooth.

Ariza also assured that he never divulged any training secrets from his time of employment with the Pacquiao camp.

Ariza became controversial when he started working for Pacquiao’s previous opponents.

“I’m not gonna say that we are gonna do a bunch of different things for this opponent that I haven’t done for other opponents. For me it’s just going back to basics,” he said.

Ariza said he has been concentrating on new techniques to strengthen Mayweather for the most anticipated fight of the decade.

“This is actually going on our third week. Our first week was just basically getting more acquainted on the new things that we are doing and the new things that we are focusing on this fight, some of the things that he wanted to make, little changes. So for us it’s going really well and smooth,” said Ariza.

For Ariza, moving to the Mayweather camp is nothing personal.

“The separation unfortunately happened. It was Michael Koncz and Bob Arum and obviously Freddie (Roach) complaining and nagging Manny and I respect his decisions. But it’s a business,” he said.

“Just like any other sport, you have pitchers that go to other teams and quarterbacks that go to other team and coaches. It’s nothing personal, that’s all it is. I have a job to do my job is to get my fighter in the best possible condition and use our advantage,” he said.

Meanwhile, the race and sports books of Las Vegas casinos are now at minus 240 for Mayweather, while Pacquiao is now at plus 200. This means placing a bet of $240 for Mayweather will win you $100. Placing a $100 bet on Pacquiao will win $200. This makes the fighting congressman the underdog of this fight.

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