Aries Dela Cruz appointed NYC regional representative for Manhattan borough

NEW YORK — A Filipino-American is now the highest ranking Pinoy in the state government in the city of New York.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently appointed Aries Dela Cruz as his regional representative for the borough of Manhattan.


“My job will be to represent the governor in interactions with elected officials, local stakeholders, organizations in the borough of Manhattan,” said Dela Cruz.

As member of the governor’s executive chamber, Dela Cruz — the founder and president of the Filipino American Democratic Club of New York — now has to step back from electoral politics.

“So I will have to step down as president and will have to find a new president for the club, but I’m super excited to be able to serve my communities, to be able to represent the Filipino-American community in the state government,” said Dela Cruz.



Prior to the appointment, Dela Cruz worked for the Manhattan borough president Gale Brewer – overseeing the digital strategy and operations of her office.


In 2016, Dela Cruz led a successful campaign denouncing Manny Pacquiao for making homophobic comments, which led to the termination of the boxer’s endorsement contract with Nike.

Dela Cruz only started his new job this week, and he is off to good start helping shape the future of the great city and state of New York.


“My entire life I have always fought for the working families of NY, to be able to get justice, to be able to get recognized. My nob is to make sure that I bring the governor closer to the people of Manhattan, the people of NYC, and to bring the people of NYC closer to the governor.”


Dela Cruz joins a number of Fil-Ams already working for the New York government, including NY Commission on Human Rights chair Carmelyn Malalis, Department of Housing Preservation and Development Commissioner Maria Torres-Springer, and Gil C. Quiniones — president
and chief executive officer of the New York Power Authority, the nation’s largest state-owned electric utility.


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