Are President Trump’s tweets affecting the U.S. market?

After President Trump’s latest series of tweets involving the U.S. dollar and foreign currency values affected the New York Stock Exchange, some experts are worrying about the future of America’s financial market.

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  • Mario
    30 July 2018 at 8:11 pm - Reply

    Trump,the most transparent US President,does not listen to his advisers, if you are a STOCK Market trader,investors, follow him on his tweets.Trump tweets before and after he goes to sleep, said visit Florida possibly he just play golf, but if he is going to Ohio, chances are for political campaign or meet the farmers and coal miners. Now Stock traders knew the importance on Trump meeting in Ohio, it has to do with the Agricultural stocks and energy stocks. During Trump meeting with NATO he questioned Germany-Russia LNG pipe line Trade.Stock Energy traders has interpretation on this. On July 1, Trump imposed 25% Tariff on EU, EU did not took the BAIT to make a counter retaliatory tariff, instead EU came to WH and surrender, but made a very smart move, ask for a 1 Trillion trade Agreement.Both win, Trump was able to reduce the trade deficit by $50B, EU still maintain $100B Surplus. Both are eyeing to control the world economy. Trump will sell LNG and Soy Beans to EU, Wall Street Traders on energy and Agri, anticipated this.EU and US will sqeezed WTO to revise,several trade regulations,like currency manipulation, Stock traders already doing research on WTO regulations. Big money for the traders to be made.