Are DACA and DAPA eligible immigrants still being deported?

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – A few weeks ago the Obama administration directed ICE agents to help identify undocumented immigrants who are eligible for relief from deportation.

But a report released by the International Business Times said that ICE had actually removed all information posters in detention facilities notifying immigrants of the new deferred-action programs.

The report says these eligible undocumented immigrants are once again vulnerable to deportation.

Unless further guidance is given, ICE will not consider the new DAPA and expanded DACA guidelines to exercise discretion not to deport undocumented immigrants without serious criminal records.

Atty. Anoop Prasad of Asian Law Caucus told Balitang America that it’s important to remember that all the factors that makes someone eligible – lack of criminal history, lengthy US residence, US citizen children – should still make them eligible for prosecutorial discretion and for a stay of removal under prior DHS memos that are still in effect.

“If you qualify for the 2012 version of DACA, even if you haven’t applied yet or your DACA is expired, you’re still protected from deportation,” Prasad added.



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  • noz
    6 March 2015 at 8:27 am - Reply

    yeah, immigration lawyers have their own interpretations of the texas judge’s ruling against the illegal aliens executive orders of obobo, be it DACA, extended DACA, DAPA or whatever, to get their businesses going, lining their pockets of the taxpayers dollars. obobo built a marxist administration engaging in passing the baddest laws, making the lives of its citizens miserable. this POS POTUS couldn’t care less of the citizens quality of life he ruined, with his commie ideologues. obobo is all out in degradation of america to overshadowing destruction of a nation was once the envy / the gold standard of capitalism. obobo’s insanity of violating the constitution must be stopped by the SCOTUS, or say goodbye to america.