Aquino admits desire for revenge on Marcos during Boston trip

By Lynda Jumilla, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

Sept. 22, 2014

BOSTON – Call it coincidence, irony, a twist of fate – President Aquino’s visit here fell on the 42nd anniversary of martial law whose imposition touched off a series of events that led to the Aquino family’s exile to this same place.

The president was welcomed back to Boston by old family friends, long-time supporters, and the Filipino-American community in a mass followed by an assembly at Boston College – the Jesuit-run University just across the street from where the Aquino’s used to live.

“It was in Boston, thanks to all our friends, that my family was given a haven from the persecution of the dictatorship,” said President Aquino. “I was here where we were given a sense of normalcy in what can only be described as, again, very abnormal times back home.”

Aquino said he purposely did not return to Boston until he could keep his emotions in check. But he waxed sentimental anyway.

“My first Boston winter coincided with, at the time the Boston Globe reported, one of the coldest conditions and heaviest snowfall in decades,” said the Philippine president. “I remember that I had to sleep in thermal underwear to which I added a tracksuit, put in a sleeping bag under various blankets and sheets, and which I topped with a comforter.”

“To those of you who remember me back then as the dog-handler, carpenter, plumber, baggage-carrier, mechanic, driver, etc.,” continued the president, “As that young man who found it difficult to weather your cold winters, you must be thinking: ‘how things have changed.’”

But his recollection turned somber at the reason they had to leave Boston in 1983.

That was the assassination of his father Senator Ninoy Aquino, who had gone back to the Philippines on August 21 that year. Aquino admitted he initially wanted to exact revenge on the Marcoses.

“As the only son, I felt an overwhelming urge to exact an eye for an eye,” said Aquino. “Marcos and his ilk were like rabid dogs who had lost all reason. There was no longer any potential for dialogue; the only solution when confronted by a rabid dog is to put it down.”

Amid attempts to put a positive spin on martial law, Aquino gave a stark reminder of what it was like during the dictatorship.

“A curfew limited the time you could be outside your home,” said Aquino, “Travel abroad required official permission, and there was no such thing as free speech, or freedom of assembly. Accountable to no one but themselves, the dictator, his wife, and their cronies turned the public treasury into their private purse. Checks and balances in government were replaced by the dictatorship being the sole judge, jury and executioner, giving his regime total impunity to abduct, torture, jail, and kill its critics.”

Aquino however said, with steady economic growth, renewed interest from foreign investors, looming peace in Mindanao, among other positive developments, the Philippines is ready to rise again.

After 31 years, a different Noynoy Aquino returned to the family’s second home that is Boston, just like the Philippines, he said, that’s now much better than the country under the grip of martial law.

Do you think the Philippines is rising again under Aquino's leadership?

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  • leyteboy
    22 September 2014 at 11:15 pm - Reply

    We know the history you idiot! This guy didn’t mention tps during obama’s visit much less a serious talk about it. How about super mario kicking his ass, again? And $300,000.00 tax payers/remittances spent with no chit chat on this very important issue? Ahhh image spoiler!

    • cat_idiot
      23 September 2014 at 10:42 am - Reply

      Dong ano ka ba? ano aasahan mo sa ABNORMAL……….

  • Generoso Magaoay
    21 February 2015 at 12:16 pm - Reply

    Noynoy Aquino hated martial law because his dad Ninoy was pro-communist and that it was a total hindrance to all of his ideologies. Noynoy should be ashamed of himself that even his own relatives has/have shifted blame to other members of Ninoy’s old political party. ABS-CBN did a documentary recognizing that Marcos was too smart to be committing anything against Ninoy. Good job leyteboy and cat…