Anti-Trump movement rising within GOP, Dems

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Stop Donald Trump.  This movement within the GOP and the Democratic parties are gaining momentum. But is it too late?

Some Republican party members are ramping up last-ditch efforts to get in the way of Trump’s path to the nomination — days after the frontrunner warned that riots would erupt if he is denied the Republican nod after securing the most delegates. Trump said, “I think you’d have riots. I think you’d have riots. I’m representing a tremendous — many, many millions of people.”

Former presidential candidate Marco Rubio argued, “At this point it’s like daily occurrence of stuff that he says. There isn’t going to be any riots. You know, it’s a very unusual political year.”

Now that he’s quit the presidential race, Rubio has expressed support for Trump’s closest rival, Senator Ted Cruz, saying Cruz is the only conservative left in the race.

Former contender Senator Lindsey Graham has formally endorsed Cruz — even with some reluctance.  “I think he’s the best alternative to Donald Trump, he’s certainly not my preference, Senator Cruz is not, but he’s a reliable Republican conservative, of which I’ve had many differences with,” pointed out Graham.

Some prominent conservatives in the GOP think Cruz and Governor John Kasich should unite in a ticket to challenge Trump.  A group led by influential radio host Erick Erickson discussed the idea in Washington Thursday. These leaders are also pondering on the idea of supporting a third-party candidate if Trump clinches the nomination.

Talks of a third party option included former presidential candidate Mitt Romney and house speaker Paul Ryan.  But Ryan insisted, “It’s not going to be me, it should be someone running for president. Look I made a decision over a year ago not to run for president.”

Republicans aren’t the only one alarmed of a Trump nomination.  Two dozen liberal groups have signed a letter urging the party to unite against the billionaire businessman.

In the Democratic party, ad campaigns against Trump are underway. There are also calls for major voter mobilizations and organizing in swing states.

All  these to get in the way of Trump’s quest to get to the White House.

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  • Mario
    18 March 2016 at 11:57 pm - Reply

    Trump is leading the race because PhD’s critics believed he is a GENIUS. He is well educated, from NY Mil Academy then to Wharton business Schools, sold books that are best seller. Their analysis on Trump secret during the campaign is, he is SPEAKING OF A 4th GRADE LEVEL, his messages are simple, short, easy to understand…. It reminds me of PH politics,why DUTERTE is leading in the race. This year is the “year of the WHARTONIANS”.In PH politics, both candidates are sons of a former President. MAR ROXAS and BONG BONG MARCOS were classmate from Wharton business School and BongBong wife is related to Mar. If PNOY fixed the election race, Mar could spare him being a relative? or maybe not?.