Anti-mask rallies held in Florida even as state reports record COVID-19 cases in 24-hour period

FLORIDA — With record-high COVID-19 cases in Florida, these Martin County residents held a rally over the weekend, saying they will not comply with the mandate to wear masks in public places and inside businesses.

Some anti-mask demonstrators even offered free meals to restaurant patrons who entered the business without facial coverings.

The Sunshine State reported a record-high increase of more than 15,000 new coronavirus cases in 24 hours, on July 12. The state has more than 270,000 cases, and close to 4,300 deaths.

Fil-Am hospital workers expressed their concerns, with the rising cases.

Despite rising COVID-19 cases, Walt Disney World, the world’s most visited theme park, reopened its flagship park in Florida on Saturday after being closed for four months.

Fil-Ams shared mixed reactions online, with one calling a trip to the theme park ‘risky,’ and another saying they won’t renew their annual theme park pass to be safe.

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