Anti-hate protest in Manhattan following deadly New Zealand extremist attack

NEW YORK — Dozens of protesters took to the streets in New York City over the weekend to march against hate.

Marchers say the group United Against Racism and Fascism, NYC has only one goal in mind: to come together and oppose the resurgence of far-right extremists.

Protesters say they are also here to show their solidarity with the people of New Zealand following the deadly mosque terror attacks, committed by a white nationalist.

“Let us condemn and mourn in one voice the massacres this week of 49 Muslims in two mosques in New Zealand as well the October assassinations of 11 jews at Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh and the killing of 9 African American at Mother Emmanuel in South Carolina.”

Yamasaki says those criminal acts she mentioned were committed by white supremacists.

FBI data shows that there’s a 73 percent increase in “extremist-related killings” in the last four years.

According to ADL center on extremism – the foremost authorities on all forms of hate – 39 of the 50 extremists killings they tracked last year – were committed by white supremacists.

While protesters say they are not blaming the president for any specific attack, they say Trump deserves blame for emboldening white nationalist extremists.

A reporter asked President Trump about the increase in white nationalism.

This Fil-Am protester says even with the FBI’s and ADL’s hard data on the rise of these extremists – he is not surprised the president is not agree with these facts.

The u-n general assembly has declared March 21 as the international day for the elimination of all racial discrimination.

Protesters are calling on the international community to double its efforts to counter the rising nationalist populism and reject extreme supremacist ideologies or racial superiority.

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