Anti-China protestors hope U.S. bill can help West Philippine Sea claims

LOS ANGELES — A week after Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte and his Chinese counterpart Ji Xingpin met Philippine activists were back on the streets.

“We would like to remind the chinese government the Philippines has territorial integrity we reiterate our commitment to protect our sovereign rights in the west Philippine sea.”

The two leaders met on several issues, including the territorial dispute in the West Philippine Sea. The Duterte administration announced that it has memorandum that will have the two countries find ways to work together for a joint exploration of the disputed west Philippine sea.

This protest comes as Washington DC is also flexing its muscle when it comes to its own issues with China.

U.S. President Trump is expected to meet with the Chinese president to discuss their own trade talks, as a bipartisan bill known as the Asian Reassurance Initiative Act is making its way through the Senate.

These activists plan on lobbying lawmakers for the bill which already has already passed the senate foreign relations committee and already has a House version.

They hope it can be fully passed by the end of this year.

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