Analysis: Who scored more points in the final presidential debate?

Our resident political expert, Professor Jay Gonzales, returns with his take on the final debate performances of President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. Which candidate built the stronger case to sway undecided voters? Let’s find out in this discussion with North America Bureau Chief TJ Manotoc.

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    24 October 2020 at 1:56 pm - Reply

    DEBATE CHANGE ELECTION, Trump fighting for 2 people the moderator and Biden. The moderator spends 30 MINUTES ON covid issues. At the end of the debate, TRUMP became the moderator and asked BIDEN, if he is going to close the OIL Industry, Biden said YES, the moderator tried to save BIDEN, but continue to talk. There are 32 OIL State, BIDEN will only retain CA and Virginia, might lose NEVADA, COLORADO and New MEX… The photo shows LATINO children inside the PIGPEN Cages and the media blamed TRUMP, which causes him the 2018 election, Dems won the House. During the debate Trump blamed BIDEN for building the PIGPEN Cages in 2013, BIDEN said sorry for the mistakes of OBAMA, admission of guilt. Then former Homeland Sec officials said it was NOT 500 kids it was 14,000 LATINO children arrested and put inside the CAGES. Then TRUMP also reminded BIDEN on the 1995 CRIME BILL which he sponsored resulted in 20,000 BLACK went to Jail. Trump corner Biden said again they tried to release them during the OBAMA regime but failed, another admittance of mistake.TRUMP campaign lines, BIDEN put BLACK to Jail, TRUMP pardon BLACK, TRUMP passed the Criminal Justice Reform that pardons BLACK prisoners.