Analysis: What to expect next from Trump, Biden following dueling town halls

After holding competing presidential town hall events Thursday night, what can we expect next from President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden as the Nov. 3 election draws near? Our resident political expert Professor Jay Gonzalez weighs in.

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  • Mario
    17 October 2020 at 1:37 pm - Reply

    OBAMA will campaign DESPERATELY for BIDEN, If BIDEN loses, ALL OBAMA-BIDEN White House Staff will go to jail for TREASON, all of them were caught red-handed with FBI lawyer pleaded guilty for spying(Wiretapping) on candidate TRUMP, then elected, still, they continue, “ATTEMPT to bring down a duly elected President”. On Jan20 TRUMP took the Oath of office as POTUS, then Coup et etat plan emerge continue to gather more details.. This is TREASON on the highest order. INDICTMENT by GRAND JURY will start after the election. Those involve were OBAMA, BIDEN S.RICE. H.Clinton, FBI-Commey and FBI agents, Dir CIA, Brennen-and CIA agents, NSA-Dir CLAPPER and agents, and 13 HC lawyers who assisted Muller on Russian Collusion, which came out as a HOAX. IF BIDEN wins, all of the above will be set FREE, all pieces of evidence and thousands of documents, emails will be buried. The Democrat can easily manufacture a case on TRUMP and TRUMP will go to JAIL.